Stone People

The Works of Katherine Salnek

Katherine Salnek, art direction, set design, set decorator


January has now passed and left me with a feeling of a crazy great month! Freezing but great :) Film has not stopped providing abundance, which I am forever grateful for and love being apart of. However, soon I will have to pump some brakes so I can stop and sit at my loom. Tapestry creations are starting to burst out and want to exist in more than just my brain. New weaves will be avail by Spring 2018 ! Keep checking in and stayed tuuuned !


On another note ~

Today StonePeople gets ready for another week of creations ~ This weekend took in some brain food and hangs with friends and am now ready to start getting some ideas out of my head and onto my loom. Having some things shape up for our next install! If you haven't already had a look, only a short time left to see the install at Kit & Ace on Queen W! Go check it out, open till early July !